Saturday, April 21, 2012

Round 12 No Fever AGAIN!

 Saturday, April 21, 2012

Well Drew made it through another round without a fever, but only by the skin of his teeth.

If the fever is going to hit while his counts are down, it usually happens between days 10 and 14.  On Monday, day 13, he woke up and was breathing more rapidly which is usually my first indication that he temp is up.  I checked him and he was at 99.3, phew still ok.  His parameters are 2 temps of 100.5 or higher taken at least 1 hour apart in a 24 hour period or any reading of 101 or higher.  His temperature hovered around 99 all morning.  His nurse came for his regularly scheduled twice weekly labs and they called right away saying that his platelets were down again.  We packed up and had to head down for a platelet transfusion, but just before we left  I checked his temp again and it was at 100.6.   I packed a few more things in case we were going to have to stay, but when we got there it was back to normal!  The whole time we were at the hospital getting platelets his temp was normal, so we got to go home knowing that if it spiked at all we would be heading right back down.  The highest it got that night was 99.6 and by morning he was back to normal.  Thursdays labs showed all counts have recovered, so we have officially made it through another round.  

We made it outside to play a few times, but have to be very careful with exposing Drew to any sun.

Brooke caught a toad!

She was very excited to show Drew & Dallin.

Drew & Dallin playing beanbags.

Kelsey will be 10 months tomorrow and yes she is walking! 

How exciting to have recovered with almost a whole week to spare before starting the next round. We just might be able to get out for a special birthday dinner before we start again because this little man turns 4 on May 1st!

In fact we have a very special surprise in store that we are hoping will be ready for his birthday.

Although it's kinda hard to keep things too much of a secret when you have this going on in your backyard.  

Project playground is underway!  

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