We knew that June of 2011 was going to change our lives forever as we were expecting our 4th child, scheduled to deliver via c-section on June 22, 2011. However, we had no idea our lives would change the way they did when on June 14th our 3 year old son Drew was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

We had 3 beautiful, healthy, children, Brooke (5 yr), Drew (3 yr) and Dallin (18 mo) and were expecting a baby girl. Brooke couldn’t have been more excited to finally be getting a baby sister after having 2 little brothers.

On May 21st Drew had some involuntary muscle contractions in his right leg and started limping. His mother, being a doctor of veterinary medicine, knew enough to be concerned and after 2 more similar episodes the following 2 days, made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist.

Our appointment with the neurologist was on June 13th and we were immediately admitted for further testing. Drew had an MRI that night and we received the news first thing the next morning that he had a brain tumor. We were immediately transferred to Children’s Memorial Hospital and he had surgery to remove the tumor on June 16th. We came home on June 19th and prepared to have our baby girl.

As we anticipated the arrival of our newest baby and awaited the pathology results, we hoped and prayed that it would come back a benign tumor and this nightmare would be over. However, on June 21st the day before we welcomed Kelsey into the world, we received the news that it was a rare, aggressive form of cancer. Drew is now fighting the battle of his life as he must endure a yearlong protocol of intense chemotherapy and radiation.