Sunday, January 5, 2014


I started this post back in October and never got around to finishing it, so here's a little catch up and a lot of pictures, but will get me caught up through the end of October.  

This was a scare back in September that landed us in the ER after a couple of strange episodes of bruising and then some back to back nose bleeds that wouldn't stop.  Everything ended up being just fine though thank goodness!

Oreos & mild always make things better.

We took a trip to down to Texas to visit my sister Denise and her family. 

We stayed at a little resort hotel that had a lazy river and a beach that the kids loved.

Brooke & Brayden



Blake & Drew

Brooke & Drew thought this cactus was cool.  

Brooke & Brayden caught toads in the yard.


Brooke & Drew both played soccer in the fall.

They also tried out Tae Kwon Do and had fun breaking boards.

Early morning MRI day back in October.  
Everything looked good.

Drew & Dr. Stew

A warm, fall day at the pumpkin patch.
This picture of Drew on a pig cracks me up.

Kids and their pumpkins

Brooke turned 8!

And got baptized

Randy's cousin Jason came to visit.

Brooke (8) Rockstar, Drew (5 1/2) Stormtrooper, Dallin (3) Wrestler, Kelsey (2) Pink Poodle

We have become really good friends with a family we met at the hospital when Drew was in treatment. Their son Connor was also in treatment for a brain tumor and was the kid that followed Drew at radiation everyday, so we got to see a lot of each other.  This last fall Connor's older brother Zach's football team invited the boys to be honorary captains for a game.
 They got jerseys with their names on them
 and got to walk the team out and call the coin toss.

 The group of boys that had just won the prior game came out and presented Drew with their game ball and one of the boys even handed over his medal to him!

Brooke, Connor, Drew, Dallin & Sean

 Zach with the kids

We got a last minute call one day from the hospital asking if we were free to go to a Blackhawks game b/c they had extra tickets for the game that night!  We cleared out schedule and headed down.  

We were pretty excited when we picked up the tickets and found out we were in the Pritzker family suite -

 with food - 

 and the dessert cart!

It was a great game and we won 5-4!

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