Thursday, April 18, 2013

MRI & Catching Up

I can't believe it's been since before Christmas that I last updated!  
I'll start with yesterday and then get caught up with the last 4 months.

Drew had his regularly scheduled 3 month MRI yesterday and everything looks good! He is now 9 months off treatment and doing great!

Dallin turned 3
Brooke cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love

Christmas was great!
I guess Drew got what he wanted!

January & February
We got lots of snow this year and everybody loved playing in it!


Lots of big snowmen

Monster Jam
We were able to go to the Monster Truck Show

It was loud & the kids really did have fun despite the pics below that may have you believing otherwise. 
These boys can fall asleep anywhere! 

Checking in with Cardio - everything still looks good!

More snowmen!

Snow fort
Watching the clouds
Dallin & Kelsey just being cute

This is how we do soccer in Chicago in March when there's still several inches of snow everywhere!

Chicago Wolves game 

We went up to Minnesota over spring break to visit family and stopped at The Mall of America on the way!
Lego Store

American Girl store

Swimming at the hotel

When we decided to stop at the Mall of America, Brooke wanted to get the new American Girl doll of the year and Drew wanted to get a Lego set.  Dallin didn't have anything specific in mind, but knew he wanted something too.  This is what he picked!  Wreck it Ralph smash hands and he even slept with them on!

We made it to Randy's moms house way up north in Minnesota.
The boys found the horses.

Brooke would have slept in the barn if we had let her.

Out on the Lake.  They still had lots of snow up there.

We stopped at Wisconsin Dells on the way home.

This hotel had perfect kids sized water slides for our little ones.

The weather finally seems to be warming up a bit & we are able to get outside without all of our winter gear.

Drew's birthday is just around the corner.  In just 2 weeks he will be 5!

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