Thursday, September 15, 2011

The 3's Have It

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am a 33 year old mom with a 3 year old son. Today marks the 3 month mark since the day of diagnosis. It feels like 3 years. I feel like I've aged 30 years. We have completed 3 rounds of chemo and 1/3 of radiation and yesterday we came back to the hospital for our 3rd fever admit. His blood cultures have come back positive for an infection. He is on 3 different "anti" medications (2 antibiotics and 1 antifungal).

Just a few stats from our last 3 months:

Surgeries: 2 - 1 craniotomy and 1 venous port placement
CT scans: 4
MRI: 4
EEG: 2
Number of times under anesthesia: 20
Lumbar Punctures: 5
Blood Transfusions: 5
Platelet Transfusions: 7
Overnight Hospital Admits: 7 totally 31 days plus 7 other day trips

I wanted to share some pictures from the last week when we were home after this last round of chemo. Drew was doing so well that I thought just maybe we would avoid this dang fever and any complications this time.

Brooke and Drew actually wrestling! (Although I made sure Brooke just mostly laid there as Drew climbed on her.) What a wonderful site to see them playing together.

Brooke, Kelsey, Dallin & Drew

Brooke was able to come with to radiation last week. We go so early that we are done in time to get her to school. I had mentioned that she might be able to come with, but when morning came it was so early I really didn’t want to wake her, but Drew insisted and he was so excited to show her what he does. This was the first time he actually rode on the bed down the hall. Every other time he has made me carry him. Sorry for the blurry cell phone picture, but if it wasn’t for the cell phone camera we wouldn’t have many pictures at all!

We had some beautiful weather and Drew actually wanted to get outside. Before when we would try to get him to go outside or for a walk he would say that he didn’t like the smell of outside. Thankfully, that has improved! We went for a walk in the stroller and then played a little t-ball and even got up on the trampoline.

This picture was from the other day when Drew said, “Mom! Tickle me!” What a wonderful request!

I will update our status here in the hospital as I can. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Again we cannot express enough how much we appreciate everyone and all that you have done and continue to do for us.

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