Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PICU Day 6 & Final

Monday, May 7th

We are out of the PICU and back on the floor! No diabetes insipidus, just like doctor mom had suspected. More anesthesia today to put in PICC line, but thanks to our trusty old friend, Propofol, there were no issues there. Brooke was able to come visit today and Drew was so happy to see her. He woke up and wanted her to sit by him in bed. She looked up at us and said, "Wow! That never happens!" They sat and told their "potty humor" jokes and laughed and I just laughed right along with them.

Recovering in PICU after having PICC line placed. Brooke watching over him, investigating where his port had been and this new set of "cords".

Drew - new PICC line just placed.

Brooke & Drew - they missed each other.

Brooke was so happy that Drew asked for her to sit by him and made sure to be extra silly to keep him entertained.

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