Friday, May 4, 2012

Things Can Change in an Instant

Hello All,
This is Debbie, Drew's aunt.  Drew was admitted in the hospital on Wednesday, May 2nd with a high fever and some complications.  Dayna has been posting updates on Facebook when she can, but I thought I would add them to the blog for everybody to see.  

One day this...
The picture above was taken Tuesday, May 1st, Drew's birthday!  We had a wonderful celebration for this special little boy who turned 4.  

Next day this...
 Wednesday, May 2nd 
Drew came down with a fever and his blood cultures came back positive for an infection.  He went down hill quick and is in the PICU.  He had a febrile seizure and is now intubated on a respirator.

Thursday, May 3rd
 Drew has continued to improve today.  Fever broke this afternoon.  Still needing some help to maintain blood pressure.  All follow up tests so far look good.  They still have him intubated on the vent, but he has been breathing well on his own the whole time.  He is sedated, but has been awake at times, trying to talk and interacting with us through the sedation.  He wants that tube out!  Port site which looked infected is much improved, so we are holding off on taking port out right now.  He's in MRI now.  Once that is done we will work on hopefully getting him extubated by morning.

 Friday, May 4th
Drew was febrile again all night and port site started looking bad again.  Had surgery this morning to remove the port and sent it for cultures.  Also found a hole in it which is why it had been leaking.  Out of surgery and going to try to wean off the vent this afternoon and try to wean off the blood pressure meds later to see how he does.  Picture showing cellulitis.  I told them Wednesday that the port needed to come out - glad they agreed today.

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