Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 11 Post Chemo

Saturday, May 5th
 Port is out, sent for cultures and also positive for Staph aureus. Off the vent and extubated and doing fine with that. Stopped one blood pressure med and weaning off other. Stopped the sedation - he was on a Versed drip with additional doses as needed to keep him quiet while intubated. Now he is having hallucinations thinking there are bugs all over the room. Assuming this is from the sedation, but ruling out other causes like CNS infection. Spinal tap came back clean, but they had to sedate him AGAIN for that! Also developed diabetes insipidus overnight that we are hoping is just a transient part of this septic picture. Trying to be patient. Not much sleep going on here. And he is spiking a fever again.

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