Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Day

August 25, 2011

Yesterday was a long day at the hospital as usual, but went fairly well under the circumstances. Randy started back at work this week, so it was our first week on our own and my dad came with to help. Drew was up early asking for food, so I did explain to him again that we couldn't eat until we went to his hospital and had his "pictures" done. He only complained for a minute. We left the house around 9am and all he talked about on the ride was all the things he wanted to eat - pancakes, eggs from McDonalds, strawberries with sugar, rice crispies. It was kinda funny because he would be quietly watching his movie and then all the sudden he'd throw out another food, but he was being so good about understanding that he had to wait. We got to our Audiology appointment around 10:30am and Drew was excited to show Papa how he does the hearing test and the results were perfect again. We had our appointment with his Neuro-Oncologist and made a plan to have the MRI and his Lumbar Puncture with chemo done, but then push back the next inpatient round another week and still start radiation this next Monday. He didn't get in for the MRI until 5pm, but I don't think he complained once all day. He did awesome! He did wake up from anesthesia very upset this time though and when he did calm down the first thing he said (or should I say yelled) was, "Let's go". Since it was so late, we weren't able to get any results from the MRI that night, so we just came home once he was up. His doctor called this morning with the results and the MRI was clean and everything looks good. These days at home are busy, trying to manage everyday homelife along with being a 24 hour nurse with all the IV meds and nutrition, but it was a good day! Now we just continue to work on healing and recooperating to get ready again for the next round. Here's some pictures from our good day.

Brooke started school today. 1st day of Kindergarten!

Dallin went with to take Brooke to school and when we got back in the car, he asked, "Where's Brooke?". concerned that we had left her there.

Drew kissing Kelsey goodnight.


  1. We are so glad that you are at home! We hope you can have a peaceful weekend at home together. We love you.... The hatzel's

  2. Drew & Brooke - good to read you are better from your cough and pneumonia, Drew! Plus, excited for your first day of Kindergarten, Brooke! We miss both of you at COD preschool - but are happy to get the news online - Nancy and Co-teachers

  3. OK, that last picture got me! So good to read about the ups along the way. Makes you appreciate every little good thing, including rice crispies.

  4. Rock on Drew!! This is great news.

    - The Schmidts (Eric, Tina, Aidan, and Owen

  5. Hoping that this week is filled with "good days." Brooke, have fun in kindergarten. Dallin is so sweet. The picture of Kelsey is so precious. Nothing like a kiss on the head from big brother Drew. I love your family.