Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monster Trucks

July 30, 2011

Tonight we actually had a chance to get out of the house! Every year we usually make it to the county fair, but didn't think it was going to fit into our plans this year. Well one of the members of the fair commitee works at the real estate office next to my dad's office and said that he was able to get us admission to the fair as well as admission to the monster truck show. They were able to put us in the hospitality suite, so that Drew was away from the crowd and we had our own private deck to sit on and watch the show. Best of all, we actually got to take a ride on one of the monster trucks! We had a great time and Drew loved it! Thank you so much to those who made it happen!


  1. That is awesome drew! So glad that you guys had a great day together... Those trucks look so cool. :)

  2. That is so AWESOME! I love seeing how he was able to forget about his illness during this time!!! I am happy to hear that people still do nice things for others! The world isn't all evil! Warmest wishes to the whole family!

  3. Drew, So glad you had a great time, those trucks look awesome and how cool was it that you got to sit in one! you're in our Prayers every day! Pat and Russ (the neighbors with the big black rock)