Monday, July 4, 2011


On Thursday, June 30, 2011, Drew again underwent surgery to have his portacath placed. The catheter is placed under the skin near his left shoulder and will be where he receives his treatments and will allow for blood draws. They also completed his workup with a CT scan and spinal tap. We received the results of those tests that night and were filled with joy and gratitude to learn that all tests came back negative and there was no evidence that the cancer has spread.

We didn't take any pictures that day. It was a long, hard day, but Drew was so happy to be able to go home that afternoon and not have to stay in the hospital overnight. I never thought I could be so grateful to just be home and together as a family for 5 full days. On Wednesday, July 6, 2011, we begin treatment.


  1. Hello Ames family, you are in our prayers and thoughts everyday! Stay strong!!

    The Niecestro Family

  2. Thank you for including us in Drew's road to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are sending lots of positive energy to little Drew and to all of you.

  3. Drew and Family - keep on smiling like in those beautiful pictures, Drew! We trust the doctors and nurses will take good care of you and hope you get to go to the playroom often. We know that you will be back to school as soon as you are done with treatment. Lots of Love from COD!
    Nancy, Michelle and Allie

  4. Emily was in Two's Go to School with Drew. We are praying for your family, the doctor's, nurses, and everyone involved.

  5. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We love you Drew! Thanks so much for creating this website.

    The Hatzel Family

  6. Be strong and remember to keep smiling. The road ahead is difficult but together you will get through this. And remember this, children are so very much stronger than we give them credit for. Drew, you have an extra special angel looking out for you named Jocelyn.